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Paypal Payment


This botton payments are done for any use, if you have to pay 65.00 you only need to click U$35.00 and get back and click U$30.00 so become U$65.00, this could be for 75.00, U$90.00 or any amount that you need to sellect more bottons for make the full payment

Price list for any kind of service (all hotels) One Way or Round Trip also this could be for Any TOURS.

Transfer U$10.00
Transfer U$15.00
Transfer U$25.00
Transfer U$30.00
Transfer U$35.00
Transfer U$40.00
Transfer U$45.00
Transfer U$50.00
Transfer U$55.00
Transfer U$60.00
Transfer U$65.00
Transfer U$70.00
Transfer U$75.00
Transfer U$80.00
Transfer U$85.00
Transfer U$90.00
Transfer U$95.00
Transfer U$100.00
Transfer U$120.00
Transfer U$125.00
Transfer U$130.00
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