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Privacy Policy

Complementing the quality of services offered to their customers RD Shuttle is are detailed privacy policies governing this company. RD Shuttle is a service company and management of tourism activities so that data collected here have the only purpose of providing services of this kind. Shuttle RD guarantees its customers complete privacy and confidentiality when providing personal information and travel.

  • RD shutlle has no files or other storage media customer data.
  • Data supplied to RD Shuttle are neither be transferred to other entities or companies for marketing purposes and / or promote other products.
  •  Data supplied to RD Shuttle , personal and trip to Dominican Republic , will only be used for management and compliance with the terms agreed in hiring the services offered by RD Shuttle.
  • The information provided will only be used for the time lapse between the time of service request and the time that is given time.
  • The information collected by RD Shuttle is solely necessary to identify the customer and their service needs.
  • Ensuring privacy offered RD Shuttle is based on the characteristics of housing security and privacy of our website by using mechanisms against theft or loss of personal information.
  • When completing the form, the customer must provide true and accurate information to the purpose of the application service.
  • It is your responsibility to report any changes or errors in the information provided in order to guarantee receiving the requested service.